Mahmoud Al Turky – Crazy Lover Song Lyrics (Asheq Majnoon) 2024

Mahmoud Al Turky – Crazy Lover Song Lyrics

Crazy Lover Song Lyrics, we have prepared this beautiful article for you who are wondering what it tells and what it is. We will inform you about this song and its Crazy Lover Song Lyrics, which have been very popular lately. The song became the number 28 music video worldwide with 115 Mn views in 2 months on Youtube.

Crazy Lover Song Lyrics And Lyricist

Lyrics: Muhammad Al-Wasef
Tune setup
Arrangement, Mixing and Mastering: Othman Abboud
Directed by: Taqi Saadeh
Business Administration: Omar Al-Bayati
Site management: Mohamed Al-Safir
the words:

Crazy Lover Song Lyrics

Fat me crazy lover
My fat one is smitten
Dead if you are absent from me
The world is darkening

I have the important thing to stay with me
And I will live in your heart
Like the soul, the universe becomes
I just smell you

Crazy I’m crazy about you crazy on the other
Passing the limit of longing and more that I am transient

My heart does not expand for others, but you
Your hand to others, no, but you dictated it

Fatty crazy lover Fatty one in love
Dead if I miss the world darken

People like you happen once and I don’t think it will be repeated
Like one age, but it does not accept more

Fat me one greedy of you and I will not be satisfied
I want to stay in your heart and I don’t want to see

The lover of Jehovah, but only once
A bale is not relieved by a pill

I love you, Mitt Bey, and your face left me
I don’t see any person who loves you Omani

Fatty crazy lover Fatty one in love
Dead if I miss the world darken

Crazy Lover

Crazy Lover Song Lyrics
Crazy Lover Song Lyrics

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