You Breathe My World Lyrics – Abdul Majeed Abdullah 2024 (تتنفسك دنياي)

Welcome to our You Breathe My World Lyrics article. You Breathe My World şarkısı Suudi Arabistan’lı şarkıcı Abdul Majeed Abdullah‘ın 2022 yılında çıkardığı çok sevilen bir şarkıdır. The song currently has approximately 85 million views when viewed on Youtube.

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Who is Abdul Majeed Abdullah, Where is he from?

Abdul Majeed Abdullah is a Saudi Arabian singer and musician. He is considered one of the most popular and successful artists in the Arab world, particularly in the Gulf region. Abdul Majeed Abdullah was born on August 3, 1962, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

He began his music career in the 1980s and quickly gained fame for his powerful voice and emotional performances. His music blends traditional Arabic music with modern influences, and he has released numerous albums throughout his career. Some of his most well-known songs include “Ya Taib El Galb,” “La Tahsebny,” and “Ya Tayeb El Galb” Abdul Majeed Abdullah’s contributions to the music industry have earned him widespread recognition and numerous awards.

You Breathe My World Lyrics
You Breathe My World Lyrics

You Breathe My World Lyrics (Arabic)

مو بس أحبك..أنا تـتـنَـفّسِك دنـيـاي
وإتخَيَّل إني وصلت إلمرحلة في الروح
خجلان من طيفك اللي متـعبـه ويّاي
من زود مَنتـه على بالي تجي وإتروح

الله لو تـدري قلبي وش كثِـر مـمـلاي
شوق ٍلعيناك وْشوق إلوَجهِك المملوح
وش قد أرتّـب كلامي لك قبِل ملقـاي
وش قد يضيع الكلام بْشوفِتِك والبوح

غلاك عـوقي وهو نفسه لِـعوقي إدواي
كِن بُعدِك اليَم وْوَصلِك هو سفينة نوح
ما تـبـتـهِج نفسي إلاّٰ وإنتَ في يمنـاي
وْما يلوي ذراعي إلاّٰ ضيـقتـك والنـُوح

وجودك بعمري شي مثل الهوى والماي
وغيابك أبسط تـعاريـفه شِـقـا و جْروح
ردّيت روحي بْرجوعك يا بْعدي و مْنـاي
وْيـالضحكة اللي أصير إلها فِدا وآروح

لِك يا هنوف الخِصال مْحبِّةٍ في دْماي
‏تملا بلاد الضباب اللي بشذاك إتـفوح
كنت الحبيب وْ غِديت اليوم كل دنياي
من توأم الروح إلين أمسيت إنتَ الروح

You Breathe My World Lyrics

You Breathe My World Lyrics (English)

Not only do I love you..I breathe you in my life
And imagine that I reached the stage in the spirit
Ashamed of your spectrum that tired and yay
From Zaid Mentah on my mind come and go

God, if you knew my heart and how much it fills me
Longing for your eyes and longing for your plump face
And what did I arrange my words to you before meeting me
And u may waste words bshoftk and revelation

Gulak Awki, which is the same as L’Awgy Edwy
Be far away from you, and your connection is Noah’s Ark
My soul does not rejoice except when you are in my right hand
And my arm is twisted only by your distress and wailing

Your presence in my life is like passion and water
And your absence is the simplest definition of crack and wounds
You restored my soul with your return, O after me and from me
And the laughter that becomes a god, so I go

You, O Hanouf, have love in my blood
The country is filled with fog that smells like it
You were the beloved, and today you have become my whole world
From the soul mate Elaine, you are the soul

You Breathe My World Lyrics

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